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Printable Suspended Coffee Door signs

 This work (Suspended Coffee Business Flyer) is free of known copyright restrictions. Get started offering Suspended Coffees right away with this basic free image for businesses.  It’s completely free of copyright restrictions.  Even the cup image on the flyer is an public domain icon from Wikimedia Commons. A big thank you to Gerardo Castillo to helping translate the German and Spanish versions.

Feel free to download and print any version of the flyer and post it at your establishment. Feel free to personalize and add your own logo. This is just to get you started.  It is formatted to fit onto a 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

The flyers alert both paying customers and potential recipients about the nuts and bolts of how to give and receive Suspended Coffee. A disclaimer protects the business from disruptive individuals who might harass other customers. While these types represent a very small percentage of the indigent population, there are a few, and these scant few might ruin it for the rest of the people taking advantage of Suspended Coffee.

UPDATE: Some people have requested editable versions of the flyers. They are Word files in English, Spanish and German.
Suspended Coffee English flyer
Suspended Coffee Spanish flyer
Suspended Coffee German flyer

Cool Fact: One week after I put up the flyer on Facebook, it was featured in an Australian news program.

Printable Suspended Coffee Certificates

Free downloadable Suspended Coffee Certificate for Business This is a basic certificate that businesses are free to use to support their Suspended Coffee endeavors.  It includes a place for the donor to give an encouraging message to the receiver; a section for the business to record the transaction; a tracking number; the date; price; and even a place for tips. I’ve also created a MS Word file with a page of three certificates. Download here

The option of writing a personal message to someone in need, in my opinion, will greatly add to the benefit of Suspended Coffee. Having inadequate food and an uncertain place to sleep can be extremely stressful, dangerous, and isolating. Encouraging customers to write a simple note of encouragement may give someone the strength to rise out of their situation, or at least make it through another day.

Customize to Suit your Business Needs

Nothing on this site is required to offer Suspended Coffee. Many cafe’s have gotten extremely creative in crafting tools for their store. Some announce their participation in the program with a note on a chalkboard. Some businesses are using tokens, sticky notes, or even colored marbles to keep track of the Suspended Coffee’s that their customers have purchased. Others have designed their own vouchers that customers can purchase and hand out directly. Use the tools on this page or design your own!

7 Responses to Resources for Businesses

  1. Malcolm Grant says:


    I have built a flyer using the information on this site, the ‘original’ story and some other pages on the net.

    I have made sure that it is generic enough to be used by anyone and it includes the address of this page.

    I have made a pdf and an editable word version of the flyer.

    if you drop me a line, I will gladly send them both through to you to include in the ‘Resources for Activists’ page.


    Malcolm Grant
    Sydney Australia

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I’ve sent you an email. Your offer is very timely. As you can see in the next comment, there is already demand for an editable version

  2. Suspended Coffee Scotland says:

    Thank you for your Graphic work as many of us are lacking that skill… Is it possible to make the items “Editable” to allow us to tweak and Brand them with our own stores logo’s and tag lines?

    Thank you

  3. admin says:

    Spanish and German versions are in process. I’ll make sure they are editable too this time.

  4. This is really great and so useful, thank you for all your hard work!! It will really help me, help businesses get up and running as participants in Suspended Coffees. Please can you add our FB page to your list. Thanks again!! Susan

  5. Darrel Balucos says:

    Thank you very much for the flyer. I am now printing it on a tarpaulin to be posted in front of my cafe’s doorsteps.

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