New video explains the basics of Suspended Coffee

Here is a cute, informative video from the UK that explains the basics of Suspended Coffee. Please share it with your friends, family, and friendly neighborhood coffee shops to help spread the word.

Suspended Coffee from Mummu on Vimeo.

A short viral to help spread the word of the goodwill initiative Suspended Coffee, offering a warm cuppa to those in need.

Please share to help spread the word.

Production Company: Mummu
Director: Karl Hammond
Animation Assistant: Alberta Torres

Music production and sound design: Room-24 Studios
Voice Over: Martin Allanson

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3 Responses to New video explains the basics of Suspended Coffee

  1. Reesa Rosenthal says:

    Hello, I live in Pittsburgh Pa and no one knows anything about Suspended Coffee, but what’s worse is that so many places including all Starbucks, etc across the county say that it is a bad idea because people will abuse it. They say it’s better to get someone a gift card, etc. how can I try to change this? Thanks!!

  2. Michael Rosenkrantz says: An article that I wrote about Suspended Coffee

  3. Kate says:

    The Suspended Coffee Australia Movement is in the media again but this time with a focus on Brisbane, Australia. Kate Walton spent some time at two cafe’s Cup from Above and Thrive on George to a true sense of how suspended coffee works. It’s great piece that dispels many of the most common criticisms and celebrates the strengths of this movement as well.

    You could check out the link to listen to it now.

    Please like and share the story liberally!

    Why not even leave a comment on the ABC’s page dedicated to the story. (See link above)

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