Where to Find Suspended Coffee

Over the past three years Suspended Coffee has taken the world by storm!

Support Suspended CoffeeThere are over 2000 participants in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Here are the best lists of participating cafe’s and restaurants:

General Suspended Coffee Facebook Pages

This movement primary took off from Facebook. There are several Facebook pages that are still are great way to support the movement and connect with other Suspended Coffee supporters.

  • Caffe Sospeso (Suspended Coffee) This page was the first page promoting the movement. It was started over a year ago before the pre-Easter viral storm hit Facebook. The owner has acted as the conscience of the movement: reminding people to keep this a people’s movement and requesting that proponents refrain from using the movement for financial gain.
  • Suspended Coffees This is the largest Facebook group with over 300,000 followers, led by John Sweeney, which has become the focal point of the movement. Check out their Youtube account as well.

9 Responses to Where to Find Suspended Coffee

  1. Steve Knight says:

    Amelie’s French Bakery has announced they will soon be accepting orders for suspended coffee and food orders at both of their Charlotte, NC, locations!

  2. Hansons cafe says:

    We are happy to suspend any food or drinks.

  3. Gulten M. says:

    Suspended Coffees have arrived in Waukesha WI ! CAFE DE ARTS is now offering suspended coffees. These Cups of Kindness are a simple act of goodwill to those less fortunate. Buy a cup for yourself and buy one or three for someone else!
    Cafe De Arts
    136 E. St Paul Ave in Waukesha-WI 53188

  4. We are keeping a list of participating businesses & include regular updates for our fans.
    If you know of any more participants in the UK feel free to let me know to keep the list as current as possible.
    Good Luck everyone & have a great weekend x.

  5. Very pleased to support this here in Wales. It provides a ‘safe space’ for people to make new friends.

  6. More than happy to support such an honourable idea. A cup of Kindness, as said before, with a hot bag of British Chips will help anyone who needs it. Fabulous feeling to be part of it.

  7. Café NEET says:

    Café NEET in Gateshead, England are happy to provide suspended coffees. 🙂 Dogs and children are welcome!

  8. Steven says:

    I would like to offer this suggestion to coffee shops in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Any recommendations on where to start?

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