New Suspended Coffee Flyers You Can Edit

New Flyers!

I’ve updated the Resources for Business page. There is now a Spanish version of the business flyer in addition to the English and German versions. Plus, per request, I’ve added editable versions for all three flyers. Businesses, feel free to take these, change the wording to suit your needs and add any logos and other images to make it work for your particular business. These flyers are my gift to the Suspended Coffee community.

Suspended Coffee is about Community

The whole idea of Suspended Coffee is about community: members of the community supporting other members of the community and local businesses.  In addition, the Suspended Coffee movement may be the first real movement that started from a viral Facebook meme.  While the idea itself came from an old Italian tradition, the current movement started from a post on Facebook.  The people that have organized this resurrected Italian tradition, have come from many walks of life, many places across the globe, and speak many languages.  It has been amazing to watch the community forming itself.

We can take this a step farther and try to function more as a real community in this effort, even though we come from many different places and perspectives.  We can all add something and cooperate to make it work for the good of all. This includes asking for help when necessary (hint, hint to those who are still trying to get a website up). In my opinion, community is what Suspended Coffee is all about, and that includes giving and receiving help.

On that note, I must cut this short and attend a memorial for a fallen leader in my local community. RIP Kurt Bischoff.

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